Holistic Weddings

Holistic Weddings Are An Exciting Way To Tie The Knot


Holistic marriagesWhen it comes to marriage, holistic weddings are one of the latest ways that couples are choosing to unite. There are many different approaches to this concept and you and your beloved can embrace as few or as many as feel good to you. Remember that it is your big day and you have the right to celebrate it in the way you two decide.

One way that the holistic concept can be approached is that you can have the entire party in one location. This is often associated with destination weddings because everyone is already far from home. With this style of wedding, you would have the wedding, reception and other aspects of the union all take place in the same area. Depending on the accommodations you have at your disposal, you might never have to leave the building!

Bridal Transport

You could arrange local bridal transport to collect guests from a local airport or hotel and drop them off at your resort venue for the event. Imagine your friends or family collected by a luxury modern wedding car or limousine so they could arrive pampered and relaxed from the start. For an olde-world wedding, guests are collected in vintage classic wedding cars to set the scene for a throwback to simpler wholesome times in a bygone era. Alternatively for a rural retreat horse-drawn carriages would be the order of the day.vintage Wedding Cars

For instance, you might have reserved a grand room at a five-star hotel for your wedding reception and a smaller room for the wedding itself. If you and the guests have all traveled to this luxurious destination and spa services are available, you can treat the bridal party to a spa extravaganza as a part of the celebration.

Likewise, the bachelor and bachelorette parties can be held there. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to arrive at the destination and not have to worry about traveling around from one place to another? Instead, you can kick back in comfort and style while getting married to your life partner!

However, there are other meanings behind the term holistic weddings that you might want to apply as well. In line with the concept of the entire party taking place in one location, this meaning regards honoring the part of the world that you are getting married in. This applies whether you have chosen a destination wedding or are getting married right in your own yard.

Use Your Location

You will want all of your choices to line up with what is happening around you in nature. For instance, you will pick out flowers that are currently in season at the location. Likewise, the foods served for the rehearsal dinner, reception and associated events will all be harvested locally and recently. This type of environmentally connected wedding is a way of showing your commitment to the importance of local.local all in one weddings

Another aspect of creating a holistic wedding that is similar regards the wholesomeness of the event. So, this would mean choosing foods with minimal processing as opposed to a fancy dessert that requires ingredients from across the globe that must undergo multiple steps of preparation.

Perhaps you choose to use an organic catering company and flowers that are pesticide free. These choices will depend on what is available to you and the issues that are most important to the two of you as a couple. Choosing to utilize businesses that focus on earth-friendly choices can be an empowering and bold statement to make as you start your union.

You might also want to arrange for all-natural beauty and health treatments as a part of your holistic weddings package. For instance, messages are a great way for everyone involved to relax just before the wedding. In the few days just prior to the big day, you should arrange for everyone in the wedding party to have a complete message. If you cannot afford that, perhaps a fifteen-minute neck massage would be more in line.

There are other spa services that are quite beneficial as well. Consider arranging for the entire wedding party to stay at a luxury resort that includes spa services. In addition to messages, you might want to consider a mud bath for the party or other luxury treatments. Imagine how great the memories will be for every one of enjoying these holistic treatments as a special part of your wedding party!


When you are planning your holistic wedding, you will also want to consider what you and the other members of the party will be wearing. Are you going to wear a dress or outfit made out of material that is friendly to the planet and environment? Will you wear something once and then put it away or choose something practical that you can get more use out of?

Holistic weddings encompass many aspects of health and wellness. In order to bring success to your lifestyle, you will need to address how your commitment to each other will benefit your future wealth, health and happiness.
In addition to ensuring that the physical states of your life are free from distractions, you will want to feel the spiritual, mental and emotional parts of the wedding. This is something you and the other party members should enjoy during your time together.

Emotional Balance

For instance, you might have emotional obstructions in the form of disagreements or pains that are still lingering. Work on how to let those go so that you will not have a black cloud looming over your big day together. Whether these feelings are associated with each other or some unresolved issue or other people who may or may not be present, you need to get through them to have a clear emotional state on your wedding day. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is how you and your partner will feel on the day and share your hope and love with your intimate circle of friends and family.

relationshipsLikewise, you might have mental baggage that is holding you back. Are you trapped in some type of negative thought cycle that prevents you from accomplishing all that you can in life? If so, commit to letting it go. Find new mental tapes to play that leave you empowered. Do this together and grow, soaring into the clouds with your newfound freedom and build a strong relationship.

Spiritually, it will help if you are both on the same level when you are getting married. Sharing an emotional high with loved ones will make this day one of the most memorable and cherished days of your life. Getting married is a serious commitment and you want to have the same understanding of religious and spiritual beliefs if you want long term happiness together. Talking these things through and sharing them with family and close friends will bring you closer than ever before!

You can have a beautiful holistic wedding that honors your love, each other and the world around you. It will be a joy for your friends and family to be a part of your glorious day!